IMG_7226Kindergarten is a child’s first exposure to a learning community, where they form their basic attitudes toward learning, themselves, and others. Therefore, the Rich Beginnings New York State Registered objectives are to promote learning, foster intellectual curiosity, develop self-direction, and nurture personal and social growth. With a full-day program we are able to offer small group sizes that allow children to feel independent, yet able to participate and cooperate in a group. We present learning through exploration, testing, and hands-on approaches designed to meet the developmental needs and interests of each child. We challenge children to master and apply basic skills while learning in new situations. We recognize that children grow at different rates, physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually, and we create an individualized plan that is best suited to his/ her needs.

image2The Enrichment Program is a wonderful supplement to half-day public education, and assists children in making connections. The full-day and Enrichment program both offer a multifaceted approach to learning and making education meaningful for children, creating a lifetime of curiosity and growth.