“Our child LOVES his teachers! It makes us so happy that just about every day when we drop him off, he runs in without looking back. Rich Beginnings is truly his second home!”

~Lawrie & Jeff

“Mr. Harry & Ms. Cindy, without you there would be no Rich Beginnings. You both go above and beyond for everyone (not just your employees) from the meals, fun events and giving back to the staff. It is a thankless job but we can never thank you enough.”

~ Libby & Mike

“Our family has had an opportunity to interact with almost every teacher at Rich Beginnings as our three kids grow, and we could not ask for better care for our kids. We love each & every one there. Thank you all for being who you are, and for all that you do – each one of you is part of the intricate family unit that makes Rich Beginnings the best daycare ever!”

~Elizabeth and Nate

“We are so thankful to have our son in a room where he is surrounded by adults that are teaching love, patience and respect with their actions and interactions each and everyday. Thank you so much for all you do. We couldn’t be happier with where he spends his days.”

~Amy and Matt

“I am extremely happy with the quality of care at Rich Beginnings. The professionalism and care that the staff show daily is beyond my greatest expectations!”


“I work with a lot of first time moms that are searching for a day care for their new baby. This is a big decision and can be very overwhelming and nerve wracking. I always, without hesitation and with great excitement, refer them to Rich Beginnings. I am the fifth in a long line of friends and co-workers that have chosen Rich Beginnings and there is no where else I would send my children. It means a lot to me that they take the time  to send me pictures. Whenever I share the e-mails with my other mom friends, they always say “my day care doesn’t do that!”


“I spent a great deal of time researching the best child care environment for my children. I visited many child care facilities and interviewed many potential nannies. From the minute I walked in the door at Rich Beginnings, I felt that I had found the home away from home for my children. The teachers are amazing and, at this point, I consider them part of my extended family. They not only “care” for my children, they LOVE my children. When I had my first child, they helped me become a better first-time parent. When I had my second child, they were as excited as my husband and I to welcome him into the world. I could sit for hours and watch my children play with the toys, listen to the stories being told and singing the songs that are sung.”


“We adore all of the teachers and staff at Rich Beginnings. You are all so welcoming and friendly and you truly care about our children. It is so comforting to know that our children go to school at a place where you all help them grow so much emotionally and academically and still find the time to run around and play.”

~Diana and Eric

“You can see that the teachers and staff have a vested interest in your child. The teachers care, they take their job seriously, and they are passionate about what they do. Those are qualities you can’t find in other day care centers. Not only do you know that your child is well looked after but you can also be assured they are learning something and growing educationally.”