Hello and welcome to the Two Year Old Room! Our goal in the Two’s room is to continue to provide a safe environment for very young children that will challenge their emerging skills. We will teach a sense of self, especially as separate from others, and work to build self-esteem through a variety of positive experiences. Your child will be assigned a Primary Caregiver, and a Lead teacher will oversee their care. Our ratio is 1:5 in this classroom. Picture1

Teachers in the Two’s room will continue to provide language experiences through daily exposure to books, story tapes, songs etc. Various art forms will be incorporated into weekly themes to provide exposure to different colors, shapes and textures. Your child will be provided with opportunities for to learn rules and expectations that reflect their increasing independence. Teachers will provide a learning environment in which children may freely test and explore with as little restrictions placed on them as possible. Teachers will encourage and facilitate sharing, in appropriate circumstances. They will allow ample opportunities for independent play. pic 2 website

image1Your child will be encourage children to “use their words” to solve problems and conflicts and to express their feelings. They will do this in part through modeling, reflective language and vocabulary development. Your child will gain a sense of  cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity through the use of books, magazines, language experience and varieties of food. To encourage large muscle growth age-appropriate play equipment will be provided indoors and outdoors daily.

Each November and May you will receive written observations on your child’s growth and development with the opportunity to schedule a parent-teacher conference. We are available to meet with you at any time during the year should the need arise. We look forward to a successful year for you and your child as they make the transformation from Toddler to Preschooler right before our eyes! If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please feel free to talk with us.

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For more information please, call 585-244-3650